Every minute of this episode was emotionally taxing but this moment right here. This moment tore me apart.

he looks at her, then he looks *through* her, then he dismisses her, out of hand, and walks right past her into the rest of his life — no one will convince me otherwise


the sum of john watson’s medical abilities: tea




So, this happened. So basically, I’m dyslexic and I have this thing called a reader. My reader comes with me to lessons and stuff and helps me in exams and shes so lovely. Her husband is working with Benedict on Richard III and had asked him to get me a little something from him.

This is what I got. I am so happy, it ridiculous. I have cried so much.

It is a large picture of him with a little message for me on there and its signed by him.

The message says: “Hannah, Be gold, beautiful and strong. Be yourself! Lots of love, Benedict Cumberbatch.”

I cannot describe how happy I am!!

aww How very sweet! *melts* (thanks to @BCumbz_Hiddles for the heads up)

*Be bold



I’m sure this means something, but don’t ask me what.

my anaconda don’t

it’s almost shameful my food tag is full of cakes and candies




How our generation will be at 85+



still waiting for my ello invitation

i have an extra invite if you’d like one!! it’s actually really cute, though i’m not sure what to do yet, i just got it as well :)

You wouldn’t mind? I’d really like to have it then c:



That’s your weakness. You want everything to be clever.

it appears Moffat forgot what he wrote in the first act of the episode as he was writing the rest of it

If they had mentioned just once that Mary in fact intended to kill Sherlock, maybe I would believe Sherlock calling it “a surgery” was just a script mistake. But they clearly state it a few times. It is impossible that’s a mistake: they’re too good for such obvious mistake. No, Sherlock claiming Mary shooting him was a surgery is a surgery. Why? We’ll probably find out in series 4.

dear cas,