he finally crashed

Martin Freeman how do u dare

you weren’t supposed to be this hot

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Come on, Sherlock. Just die, why can’t you?


Sherlock + his doorbell

The Hounds of Baskerville » Light & Dark

And I’ll watch you write a note and address it to the stars


Promo picture [x]


♦Please (little sequel to this )

..he dragged him out of the water. immediately John felt the pain, which he ignored earlier. he checked the detective’s pulse and made sure if his condition was stable. Sherlock still was  unconscious.
'Don't you dare, to pass away… please.. don’t’

An Edit a DayBenedict Cumberbatch ⚜ [268/?]

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Big brother is watching…

Sherlock: johnfuckingwatson
John: jupitereyed