Benedict Cumberbatch attends DreamWorks Animation Press Line during Comic-Con International 2014 in San Diego, California. [x]


What if Sherlock ends with sherlock as an old man talking to his neighbour in Sussex about how he fell in love with john watson and their adventures together. And that’s what the series has been all along. And the neighbour asks “so, did you ever get together” and

Angst: sherlock looks down and chuckles sadly and says “no.. in fact I never even told him I loved him.”

Happy: they’re interrupted by John bringing sherlock out a cup of tea, sherlock winking at the neighbour, and john saying “what’s he prattling on about this time, eh?” And kissing sherlock’s temple

Title: Whoa ...
Artist: Benedict Cumberbatch (MTV interview, SDCC 2014)
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Help! I think there’s a jaguar hiding in the cello …

Pure un-edited audio 0.o

~ Benedict Cumberbatch in MTV interview with Josh Horowitz (San Diego Comic Con, 7/24/14)

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whoa is right!


I was going to have such a productive day but then Benedict Cumberbatch happened…


THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR - Official “North Wind Headquarters” SDCC Movie Clip

Benedict Cumberbatch arrives at Comic Con on July 24, 2014 in San Diego, California.


Just in case you didn’t know.. he likes to use his body (*u*)